What is technical?


At a very simple level, technical clothing is clothing which has a number of functions.  That could be breathable, waterproof, flame resistant or multifunctional for work purposes.


Our clothes are rigorously designed and tested to meet multiple needs.


For example, our Fieldfare trouser has a cordura-lined pocket for sharp tools, a tool loop, reinforced back pockets, popper-secured front pocket and curved waist which rises at the back to prevent gapping when you crouch or bend.


Believe it or not, the last part was the hardest to get right with multiple fittings on Danni and further amendments by Nancy our garment technician and Amelia, pattern cutter at Cookson & Clegg.


Our breathable merino top, which maps to your areas of exertion and can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer is in development.

There’s much more to come.