About Us

The idea for Paterson & Hill came from co-founder, Arabella Hill.

She was working on an award-winning garden at Chelsea Flower Show and was struck, while standing in the middle of a construction site, that the men working alongside her were amply catered for in clothing unlike herself.

She wanted clothing that was flexible for the type of hard manual work she does week in week out, that was durable, practical but flattering and sensitive to the environment. 

She mentioned the idea to one of her oldest friends, Flavia Paterson who had spent years working in the energy and forestry sectors and Paterson and Hill was born.

What We
Stand For

More and more incredible, dedicated and professional women are joining skilled and outdoor trades such as farming, engineering, gardening, plumbing and many more.

They are often getting on with their jobs in clothes that don’t fit, don’t last and don’t suit their needs.

Paterson & Hill want to change all that.

Our Promise

All of our clothes go through an intensive design process to ensure we meet and hopefully exceed, your technical needs.

Paterson & Hill is not a throwaway brand.  Our clothes will wear over time, but we hope they’ll be properly worn out by the time you need to repair or replace them. 

We want to leave a better world behind us.  The current global clothing industry approach on resource-use, production and waste needs to fundamentally change. We want to help lead the way..   

We are delighted to be designing and manufacturing predominately in the UK with some of the most impressive, and professional garment makers in the world.

Come and join us on our workwear revolution!